Wake Up Call 911 – New Book

Jennie's new book:  Wake Up Call 911: It's Time To Reduce Your Risk for a Heart Attack and  Stroke 



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"Jennie Johnson's book likely saved my life. Please read and give to everyone you care about and want around for a long time. My only regret is that she didn't write it ten years ago to save my own mother. A must read." 
Debra Benton, executive coach and author of The CEO Difference

Only 20% of people who need to change a harmful behavior have enough motivation to actually do it. 80% are stuck in a non-action stage of denial, weighing the pros versus the cons or taking baby steps at changing. They need simple, realistic steps in order to be successful.

In Wake Up Call 911, I help the reader understand the connection between their behaviors and heart health, how to make small changes that provide huge health benefits and strategies to         ovecome personal roadblocks.

Each risk factor for a heart attack and stroke is covered along with tips to work well with your healthcare provider and how to interpret research that is reported in the news. A chapter is included for the healthcare provider to better understand the strategies that help   patients become more successful at implementing medical advice.  

Learn the simple things that you can do in attitude and behavior to improve your health. So, turn the page and let your journey begin...

Reference: Prochaska, Norcross & DiClemente, Changing for Good (1994)